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AUG. 02, 2018

Advisors spend years building relationships with clients by developing roadmaps for retirement savings and income. They foster a trusted dialogue around current situations and forecasting needs. So, what happens when clients bring up questions about handling life challenges beyond financial health? If a client expresses frustrations around finding a home for an elderly parent or answers to health or legal questions, many advisors long to be able to provide a resource to help.

The issue is magnified in retirement because these services are often handled through employee assistance programs and people generally lose access to these assistance programs when they retire. The lack of resources is compounded by the demands of the ‘sandwich generation’ to not only care for their children, but also aging parents as well. Clients are navigating their own life issues around retirement while caring for a wider circle of family.

Add Value to Client Discussion

Nationwide identified this advisor need and developed an exclusive and innovative solution. Teaming with Health Advocate, the health care advocacy service that it uses for its own associates, Nationwide added this service, called Care Concierge, to all new and existing annuity customers. In addition to the contract owners, Care Concierge extends to their spouses, parents, parents-in-law and the beneficiaries on their annuity contracts. There is no additional cost for access to these services.

Examples Where Advisors Can Help

Some of the members’ benefits include:

  • Helping members who are turning 65 navigate a complex Medicare system
  • Finding doctors or specialists – especially useful as retirees move to new cities
  • Assisting with arranging care for aging parents or adult children
  • Consulting on legal resources and discounts
  • Managing health insurance claims and payments
  • Counseling services to help with life transitions or grief after the passing of a loved one
  • Finding job opportunities and charitable careers in retirement
  • Concierge services for vacation or event planning, entertainment recommendations, gift ideas and more


One critical element to the success of this resource is that since Health Advocate is a third-party vendor, clients were more comfortable knowing that any questions asked or health needs researched would be held in strict confidence. Advisors provide reassurance that Health Advocate keeps all information strictly confidential.

First with Innovative Solution

As the first financial services company to provide health care advocacy services for annuity contract holders, Nationwide is continuing to be an innovative leader in the way we help advisors strengthen client relationships and Americans prepare for and live in retirement.


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