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Watch: Insights on the upcoming midterms

October 20, 2022
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With weeks to go until the midterm elections, many people closely watch the latest political news and follow every twist of different campaigns. From a financial planning standpoint, investors need to maintain an objective view of the news during this time and avoid emotional investment decisions influenced by politics.

To help financial professionals and their clients stay informed during this election cycle, watch this Nationwide webinar with insights on the midterms from a political and financial perspective. During the webinar, Mark Hackett, Chief of Investment Research at Nationwide Investment Management Group, and Ben Brewster, Vice President of Nationwide Government Relations, cover a range of midterm-related topics, including:

• The likelihood of “gridlock” in the next Congressional term
• The potential impact on the markets and economy
• Congressional activity for the end-of-year “lame duck” session
• A look beyond the midterms toward the next election cycle

Election outcomes that favor either political party have had little historical impact on market performance. However, some interesting trends are tied to the election cycle for investors to keep in mind. For example, stocks have historically done well after midterm elections, either because of less uncertainty over the election outcomes or the prevalence of divided government resulting from the midterms.