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Nationwide Market Insights: Second Quarter 2022

April 07, 2022
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Check out this quarter’s insights and commentary about both the economy and the financial markets from our staff of economists and market analysts.

You can also share these perspectives with your clients to help answer questions and inspire greater confidence in the guidance you provide them.

Financial Market (highlights)

  • Corrections occur with regularity. Pg. 6
  • Stocks rise modestly during tightening cycles. Pg. 9
  • Energy stocks move with energy prices. Pg. 12

U.S. Economy (highlights)

  • The economy grows during tightening cycles. Pg. 29
  • The lag between the first rate hike and recession is measured in years. Pg. 30
  • Inflation spikes have historically given way to sharp declines. Pg. 35

Bonus Material: Go beyond the pages of the quarterly NMI

In this podcast, Nationwide’s Deputy Chief Economist Bryan Jordan shares additional perspective on the quarterly NMI, including:

  • What impacts could Fed tightening have on the economy and financial markets?
  • How can the current geopolitical events affect our economy?
  • What economic indicator should we be watching ahead of the next recession?