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MAY. 01, 2020

In these difficult times there is so much information circulating related to the novel COVID-19 virus, market volatility, and the lasting global impact of a pandemic of this scale. We at Nationwide have shared our own perspectives on those topics as well. However, Nationwide believes there is so much more to the conversation. We are strong in this together when we have the access and the tools to help us get through these trying times.

Here at Nationwide, we focus on providing extraordinary care for our partners as well as our associates. As we transitioned to a stay-at-home environment, leadership within our company moved quickly and focused on the safety of our associates. We took that one step further by helping our associates be their best in a new environment and continue to be engaged and focused. The Nationwide Retirement Institute is helping by offering a series of personal development programs to help our associates shift their mindset, focus on what’s most important and be resilient in the current environment.

Over 500 Nationwide associates have taken advantage of this opportunity. Associates are using these tools to manage a new work environment and continue to stay focused and be resilient during this difficult time. Many of the associates who participated in the training have shared their appreciation and intentions to use the tools to help them stay engaged and deliver great work.

Our offerings:

With the positive feedback from Nationwide associates, we are now offering these opportunities to external partners. As thought leaders in our industry, the Nationwide Retirement InstituteSM will find new ways to provide relevant content to help advisors, plan sponsors and our participants in this new normal that we find ourselves in.


it’s important to recognize that daily distractions in life can aff­ect our personal and professional relationships with potential consequences. Learning to strategically manage your distractions within and around you will help you train your brain to be mentally present. In this keynote, you will learn the following techniques to manage daily distractions:

  • Focus on what (or who) is right in front of you
  • Manage distractions within and around you
  • Quiet your FOMO
  • Reduce your digital diet
  • Be mentally and physically present



Resilience is a life skill that helps us to be comfortable with the unexpected – because life is messy! Being resilient is not so much about bouncing back, but more about moving through adversity, learning from it, and letting it become part of your story. In this keynote, you will learn the following to help build resilience:

  • Explore concepts to help you understand your own personal characteristics as a first line of defense to be used during times of stress
  • Learn tips and tools to incorporate into your daily life to proactively build resilience in the areas you may choose to focus on.

The Nationwide Retirement Institute has programming to help you be your best and thrive in this unprecedented time. If you are interested in learning more about one of these offerings, please contact your Nationwide sales partner.