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Preparing Clients for National Preparedness Month

August 31, 2021

September is National Preparedness Month, which is a time to remind Americans about the importance of staying prepared for any potential disasters or emergencies at home, in their community, or in the workplace. The theme of National Preparedness Month September 2021 is “Prepare to Protect. Preparing for disasters is protecting everyone you love.”1While preparing for the unexpected is top of mind, as a financial professional, now is a perfect time for you to help your clients also be prepared for any financial emergencies that may come up.

What is National Preparedness month?

National Preparedness Month was founded in 2004 by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA).2The purpose of the month is to educate Americans about different ways that they can be prepared and respond to natural disasters, terrorist attacks, and other hazardous dangers. Knowing about the risks can help us know how to respond and develop a plan so we are better prepared for whatever comes our way.

When is National Preparedness month?

National Preparedness month happens every September. There are different themes each week to help keep individuals, families, and communities engaged and informed on the different aspects of preparedness.

How clients can get involved?

There are numerous ways that your clients can get involved and learn more about National Preparedness Month. Here are a few resources for your clients to learn more about this important month:

  • National Preparedness Month Overview: Learn more about the month from Ready.Gov
  • Emergency Preparedness Kit: What should you keep in your emergency supply kit? This guide goes over everything you should have in your supplies, how you should maintain your kit, and where you should keep it.
  • Be Informed: The ultimate guide to everything you need to know about preparing for disasters and emergencies. Find out how to sign up for emergency alerts, how to create a family community plan, document and ensure your property, and more. In addition, you can order Free preparedness materials from FEMA.
  • Make an Emergency Preparedness plan: Follow’s 4 step plan for preparing for an emergency or disaster.
  • Information for children and educators: It’s never too early to learn about disasters and how to prepare for them. Check out these resources for kids, teens, families, and educators to help the youth learn about how to prepare for a disaster.

Another way for your clients to stay involved and active during National Preparedness Month 2021 is by following along with the month’s weekly themes. Each week has a different focus to help you prepare.

  • Week 1: September 1-4: Make a Plan: The first week is all about making sure individuals, families, and communities have their plan for when disaster strikes. It’s important to also make sure the plan incorporates the Center for Disease Control (CDC) guidelines for coronavirus.
  • Week 2: September 5-11: Build a Kit: The second week is about making sure you have your emergency kit ready and all of the supplies you need. Once again, it’s important to follow CDC guidelines here.
  • Week 3: September 12-18: Prepare for Disasters: The third week is all about knowing what type of disasters can affect the area you live in and how to prepare your home for natural or other disasters.
  • Week 4: September 19-24: Teach Youth about Preparedness: If your clients have young kids, now is the perfect time to make sure they are comfortable and know what to do in the face of any emergency.

Educate clients on financial products that help with preparing for the unexpected

National Preparedness Month is the perfect time for financial professionals to talk to their clients about products that will help them be prepared for the future.

Below are a few resources and solutions to help your clients better prepare themselves financially down the road for whatever life may bring them.

Addressing risks in retirement

Many Americans are worried about their outliving their retirement income. Helping your clients prepare for retirement is a priority. Do your clients have a diversified monthly income plan for retirement? If not, now is the time to talk to them about having a variety of different income streams for when they retire.

Legacy Planning

Legacy planning is a topic that your clients might not have even considered yet, or put off discussing due to the emotional nature of the topic. There are ways you can work to deepen your client’s trust and make the process easier on them. Learn more about how to help your clients with legacy planning so they can be prepared for their transfer of wealth in the future.

Supporting Aging Parents

The need for your clients to support their parents financially or otherwise as they get older can complicate retirement planning and add stress to the situation. You need to understand the financial impact this might have on your clients and help them prepare for any similar situations. Learn more about other unique financial situations your clients could be in and how to help them prepare.

These are just a few financial products and situations that you might need to help your clients with, but there are countless others. Establishing a great relationship with your clients will help them trust you and allow you to better serve them for all their financial needs.

In conclusion, your clients need to be prepared for whatever life throws their way, whether that’s a natural disaster or unexpected financial circumstances. Building a great relationship and bond with your clients will put you in a better place to help them not only during National Preparedness Month, but every month.


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