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The power of partnership

DEC. 11, 2018

When I started my career as an advisor 25 years ago, the individual that hired me offered some guidance; “Don’t be the advisor whose business runs them; be the advisor who runs a business. Your clients will feel the difference.”

Down the road, when I became a manager of advisors, a mentor told me, “Your financial advisors don’t care what you know if they don’t know you care.”

What do these nuggets of wisdom have in common? They’re all about putting the client first. Putting the client first doesn’t fall solely on your shoulders, though.

As an industry, we have a responsibility to work together — advisors, firms, providers — to bring consumers the best possible solutions for every unique situation. Without these partnerships, our consumers may lose out on the valuable resources each partner can provide.

Today’s financial advisor and client partnership

As our industry evolves, our partnerships must evolve too. To make sure your clients benefit from your partnership with us, we must make sure we’re providing value by learning more about you and your clients. That’s why we explore questions like:

  • Advisors are bombarded with emails, but are they useful? Which emails are most valuable?
  • Firms offer many products, but do they have the resources their advisors need to educate clients? And what resources are clients looking for?
  • We know some advisors are open to new providers and engaging with wholesalers – terrific! For those who aren’t, why?
  • Ultimately, your partners should want to help you help your clients. How can we share resources that’ll enable you to help clients even more?

As an advisor, consider your clients’ needs — and what they already have access to because of your partnerships.

  • Your time is valuable — how can you optimize your interactions with clients, wholesalers and firms?
  • As technology advances, what tools can save you time or provide more accurate estimates when considering each client’s retirement needs?
  • Can technology help optimize your client’s portfolio or assist you when considering the risk your clients face?
  • What do you think your clients need? What are they asking for? Are there partner-provided educational materials that can solve their problems?

We help you help your clients

That’s what it comes down to: We want to help support you and the things that matter most to you — your clients, your business, your families.

The head of product at a major wirehouse recently told us: “We publish what we’re doing. We regularly talk to our partners about our priorities. If you want to be a true partner, tell me how you can help me accomplish my objectives using your resources and products. Help me build my business.”

That’s what we are trying to do. Nationwide’s goal is to offer solutions for the entire client lifecycle, as well as insight, advice and resources.

It’s why we have tools like the Social Security 360 Analyzer® and the Health Care Cost Assessment that provides client-specific reports to help you optimize their retirement planning.

And it’s also why we offer weekly market commentary, information on current trends and conversations about helping Americans successfully plan for retirement.

How can we help you put your clients first today?