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Having a long-term care (LTC) conversation at your holiday gathering

Discussing parent’s or other loved one’s potential long-term care and elder care needs should be done in person if at all possible, not by phone or email. With so many adult children living far away from parents, the holiday season is one time when children come home to visit, making face to face conversations possible. With the right strategy and some thoughtful planning, a holiday can be the perfect time to discuss LTC and elder care planning. 

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Beyond Investing

Helping your clients navigate the midterm election

In years past, elections have generated a level of anticipation and excitement about what the future will hold. However, the past several election cycles have been wrought with uncertainty. To help manage your clients’ anxieties about the upcoming midterm election, it can be beneficial to discuss guaranteed income sources like annuities, consider tax implications, and encourage them to them adjust their plan as their priorities shift over time.