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Healthcare Expenses & Medicare: Discovering What’s Covered, Uncovering What’s Not

Understanding what Medicare does and does not cover allows beneficiaries to plan for healthcare costs, as well as determine how to pay for certain healthcare services that they may want or need in the future. While Medicare usually pays for acute care services, coverage for treatment of chronic conditions is not certain. However, our resources help Medicare beneficiaries take full advantage of all healthcare services that Medicare does cover – some of which are totally free! 

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Will possible tax increases affect your client’s retirement planning next year?

Regardless of the outcome of the 2020 election, conventional wisdom suggests that some taxes may likely increase in 2021. With trillions of dollars being allocated by the federal government in fiscal and monetary support to the COVID-19 crisis, and with many states and localities facing budget shortfalls, changes are likely on the horizon. Given this uncertainty, there’s a unique opportunity for financial professionals to go in-depth with clients and analyze the impact these potential changes may have on their retirement plans and finances for the coming year.