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Woman reads information on the inflation outlook.
Retirement Income Planning

Supporting clients through inflation anxiety

According to data from the American Psychiatric Association’s (APA) Healthy Minds Monthly Poll, which included a question each month from June through December on how anxious Americans felt about a list of trending current events—4 in 5 respondents said inflation made them somewhat or very anxious. This anxiety regarding the economy can impact the way they feel about their retirement savings and investments—as a financial professional, it can help to listen to concerns, encourage your clients to stay the course with investments and not make any rash decisions, and let them know that they can always turn to a mental health professional for additional help.  

Woman searches the internet for retirement information while sitting on sofa.
Retirement Income Planning

Struggling Female Retirement Plan Participants Looking to Plan Sponsors for Help

The impacts of high inflation and market volatility have led more women to make the difficult decision to postpone the end of their careers, and some now say that they will never be able to retire. This highlights why it’s an important time for plan sponsors, and the financial professionals, advisors and consultants who support them, to help women regain their retirement confidence.