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Nationwide’s Chief of Investment Research and the Nationwide Economics team offer daily and weekly commentary and analysis of the equity and bond markets, including an overview of economic data being released, global market news, commodities and market performance by index returns. These timely insights can help you navigate markets and understand emerging trends.

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Economic Commentary

Can the Fed slow inflation without a recession?

Economic growth was negative in the first quarter, but there appears to be less cause for alarm than the headline number suggests, with consumer and business investment spending solid. Rising mortgage rates and prices have begun to hurt home sales, but excess demand remains, and job growth is still strong thanks to record-high labor demand. Although the possibility of inflation persisting at a high level poses a threat, above-trend growth is still expected for the remainder of the year. 

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Capital Market Impact

Investors seek a bottom as sentiment collapses

The S&P 500 has lost nearly 16% more than one-third through the year, representing the third-worst beginning to a year on record. In the previous four worst starts (1932, 1970, 1939, and 2020), the index saw a strong return from this point through year-end, averaging nearly 20%. A decline of 20% has occurred 14 times in the history of the S&P 500, with just two (1987 and 1966) not coincident with a recession, per Bloomberg. 

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Economic Commentary

Overall CPI down, but core inflation is up

Growth in the overall consumer price index (CPI) slowed for April, mostly because of a (temporary?) decline in gasoline prices. But the core CPI, removing the volatile food and energy components and often viewed as a better measure of underlying inflation than the total, grew more rapidly for April. Meanwhile, April small businesses optimism remained subdued while consumer sentiment fell to the lowest level since 2011 for early May.  

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Economic Commentary

Nationwide Market Insights Podcast: Inflation continues. Is relief on the way?

The recent CPI report shows that inflation is still at record levels, but at a slightly lower level than the previous month's report. Nationwide's Deputy Chief Economist Bryan Jordan and Senior Economist Ben Ayers take a closer look at the CPI report. What sectors are being impacted the most? Where do we see some relief? How is this cycle different than previous inflations? And what's the outlook for the months ahead?