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Retirement Income Planning

At Nationwide Financial, we know that there is no onesize- fits-all retirement plan. Finding the right plan for each of your clients depends on factors such as their savings, expenses, health, family and values. Help improve your clients’ retirement readiness by staying up to date on the latest financial news and tax information.

Retirement Income Planning

Health care costs resume their rise after a COVID-related pause

Many people understand that their health care costs are likely to be higher in retirement as they age and need more medical care. Still, people often grossly underestimate the extent of those expenses. Financial professionals can take several steps to help people understand what they may have to spend on health care once they retire and how they can prepare to cover, and potentially minimize, those expenses. 

Retirement Income Planning

Using the 4% rule correctly may also mean you need to break it

There is general agreement in the industry that the 4% rule is more of a benchmark or gauge than a steadfast rule. In today’s environment, it may be wise to consider the 4% withdrawal amount as a maximum withdrawal amount in the first year of retirement. Why? Stock prices have come down from all-time historical highs, interest rates are rising, and inflation is high.