Retirement Income Planning

At Nationwide Financial, we know that there is no onesize- fits-all retirement plan. Finding the right plan for each of your clients depends on factors such as their savings, expenses, health, family and values. Help improve your clients’ retirement readiness by staying up to date on the latest financial news and tax information.

A senior couple plans for lifetime income.
Retirement Income Planning

Planning for lifetime income with annuities

Annuities are designed to help you grow your retirement income and protect you from outliving it. In return for your investment with an insurance company, you receive income in the form of regular payments through annuitization or a guaranteed lifetime income benefit that is available for an additional cost. There are many reasons why your client may want to purchase an annuity—and there are various kinds with unique benefits and drawbacks. 

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Retirement Income Planning

Student debt and retirement: 6 tips to help guide clients toward financial stability

It’s no secret that many Americans are struggling with student loan debt. And while many assume it’s only younger people who are concerned, older generations are also feeling burdened with the resumption of payments. A new survey by the Nationwide Retirement Institute® finds that even seasoned employees are experiencing significant financial pressures due to the resumption of student loan payments that resumed on October 1st.