Retirement Income Planning

At Nationwide Financial, we know that there is no onesize- fits-all retirement plan. Finding the right plan for each of your clients depends on factors such as their savings, expenses, health, family and values. Help improve your clients’ retirement readiness by staying up to date on the latest financial news and tax information.

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Retirement Income Planning

How to discuss 5 common myths about annuities with your clients

In the past, some annuity providers locked in products and beneficiaries upon purchase, making them less attractive for some clients. But now annuity solutions can much more client-friendly. Some annuities offer free withdrawal provisions or access to account values without penalties due to life events. Knowing this, it might be a good time to talk about the benefits of annuities with your clients. 

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Retirement Income Planning

Misperceptions: Addressing Plan Sponsor Concerns about In-Plan Guarantees

The retirement industry has largely shifted from defined benefit plans to defined contribution plans in recent decades, leaving American workers to shoulder the burden of owning their retirement planning. This shift has also created a planning gap for many workers as they near retirement age and need to figure out how to turn their savings into a secure and predictable stream of income in retirement. Plan Sponsors can help close this gap for their employees and deliver higher retirement confidence with in-plan guarantees. 

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Retirement Income Planning

Helping self-employed and gig-worker clients save for retirement

For your clients who are self-employed, they may enjoy perks like being their own boss, having greater work flexibility, or owning something that they can pass on to their kids or grandkids. But self-employed clients may also miss out on the standard benefits afforded by a typical 9-5 like a 401k with employer match or health insurance—and it can be difficult to advise them on how to save for retirement.