Retirement Income Planning

Retirement delays create challenges for plan sponsors highlighting opportunities for financial professionals and consultants

The impacts of high inflation, market volatility and concerns about a future market crash have pushed more older Americans to make the difficult decision to postpone the end of their careers, and some now say they believe they will never be able to retire. This highlights why it’s an important time for plan sponsors, and the financial professionals and consultants who support them, to help workers regain their retirement confidence. 

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Economic Commentary

September Monthly Dashboard: Economic growth decelerates in the face of Delta and supply headwinds

After a strong first half of 2021, the winds have shifted a bit for the economy as the Delta variant and supply constraints have slowed activity. In-person activities have again taken the brunt of virus concerns with modestly reduced spending and hiring across the service sector. Input delays and higher costs continue to hamper manufacturing production and sales, too. This suggest a slowdown for the third quarter, but probably not a significant cooling, with real GDP still projected to expand at a solid 3.5-4.0 percent annualized rate.