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February Economic Review: The outlook for 2020 is mostly positive, but will the Coronavirus short-circuit the expansion?

February 18, 2020

Economic Review: Economic Review: Uptick in economic data kicked off 2020 (Page 3)

The economy started off the new decade on several positive notes. Job growth remained strong, the housing market has gotten even hotter, and manufacturing – after struggling in recent months – is now giving reasons for optimism.

Financial Markets Review: Financial Markets Review: Coronavirus fears dent early-year risk-on rally (Page 4)

Global equity markets ended January lower following a selloff that gave back early-month gains. Volatility spiked as fears of contagion from the COVID-2019 virus spread around the globe. The turn from risk-on to risk-off caused a sharp decline in commodity prices and Treasury yields.

The Outlook: The Outlook: Hits and misses – a look back at our forecasts for 2019 (Page 5)

Most forecasters miss their targets more often than they hit. Our projections for 2019 were very accurate for the real economy, but not so much for interest rates.

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